Real Time Dum Machine With Probablity and Meta Sequencing

Five track percussion sequencer with grainular sample, or oscliators. Featuring effect automation, probablity, step length per track, seq position, seq direction, hexagon pitch recording, etc. The concept is to create a meta loop that can be modulated into a full piece. a 32 step pattern can be affected by probablity to sound like it never repeats exaclty the same, but stays true to the feeling of the base pattern.

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Intellectualist 2

Next Gen Real Time Dum Machine With Probablity and Meta Sequencing

The latest version of intellectualist is optimized for touch screens.

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Acid synthesier inspired by the Roland Tb-303

All the squelch you would expect from a 303 derivative with none of the programming headaches. Easily sculpt patterns in real time, change step length, apply meta pich changes over the sequence, overload, distort, mangle, wobble, etc.

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Square Beats

Squares that make beats!

The one and only drum machine of its kind. Draw square and rectangle shapes in a sequencer plain where each color is mapped to a different sound of your choosing. There is no other sequencer like this, and is half art, half madness. This machine was inspired by projection touch screen performances. Kid tested, artist approved.

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Launchpad Melody Sequencer

Launchpad based finger drum sequencer designed to trigger synths

Use with a touchscreen or the Launchpad to tap in melodies into realtime sequencer with probability and chord scaling.

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Hand Serenaide

The touch violin experience

The touch screen/leap motion controlled violin with multitrack real time looping, effects, complimented by fractal visualizations of what you are playing. Create truly hair raising musical pieces with just a finger.

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Sixteen Drums

Grainular synthesis Drum Module

Control 16 different drum sounds with launchpad sequencer or your midi device of choice. Each sound can be modulated real time by dragging and letting go allowing for quantized or non quantized parameter tweaking.

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